Student Achievement

2019-2020 LCM Science Fair Winners
6th Grade:
1st Place: Niya W. ~ Guinea Pig Water Bottle Color Test
2nd Place: Lillie G. ~ Foamy Rocks
3rd Place: Fola F. ~ Sink or Float?
7th Grade:
1st Place: Kayla K. ~ Rotten Apples
2nd Place: Justine M. ~ Egg in a Bottle
3rd Place: Latricia K. ~ Bath Bombs

2019-2020 LCM Spelling Bee Winners
5th Grade Winner: Cameron K.
6th Grade Winner: Fabian P.
Spelling Bee Coordinator: Jeffrey Hartel

2018-2019 Ohio Department of Education Report Card
Districts and schools report information for the Ohio School Report Cards on specific marks of performance, called measures, within broad categories called components. They receive grades for up to ten measures and six components. To view the school grade for Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle, please click the image below.

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