Staff Spotlight

Susan Wachholz, Art TeacherSusan Wachholz
Art Teacher

"I teach middle school art at Lorain. I love teaching art because I love the creativity of it. I love showing the students different techniques. Everyone can be successful at art and we have many very talented students here. I enjoy teaching at the Lorain school because I have roots in Lorain and I like giving back to the community. The teachers and staff work as a team to make this a great school."

Erin Boron, Instructional CoachErin Boron
Instructional Coach

"I became a teacher because I was always able to explain things in a way that people understood. My sister is 8 years younger than I so I was always teaching her things as she grew up. I love that Lorain is resilient."

Jessica McDonald, Intervention SpecialistJessica McDonald
Intervention Specialist

"I became a teacher because I wanted to make an impact in the special needs world. I have a cousin with Down Syndrome (15 years old now), he inspires me to make the world a better place!"

Diane Mason, 6th-8th Grade Math TeacherDiane Mason
6th-8th Grade Math Teacher

"I wanted to be a teacher because I have always enjoyed working with children. Children always seem drawn to me, whether at school, in the store, or even at functions where I am unfamiliar with the children. I like this school because I like the children and the families. I have built relationships with families and children and have gotten to know them through the ups and downs in their lives. We have "grown up" here together, as I have seen many students throughout their entire school years here."

Jennifer Millsaps, ParaprofessionalJennifer Millsaps

"I enjoy working with children and helping them learn and grow in their education, while being a positive influence. I like the friendly staff and building relationships with the children."

Jeffrey Hartel, 6th-8th Grade Social Studies TeacherJeffrey Hartel
6th-8th Grade Social Studies Teacher

"I love this school because of the great kids we have, the friendships I have established with a couple teachers, and our basketball team."

Amanda McCall, School NurseAmanda McCall
School Nurse

"I became a school nurse to work with my community and help promote community health and disease prevention. I am able to advocate for students and their families. My top priorities are keeping the students healthy and ready to learn."

Violet Crawford, 4th-5th Grade Math TeacherViolet Crawford
4th-5th Grade Math Teacher

"I became a teacher to make the world a better place one child at a time. Math is the best!"

Anna Kish, 6th-8th Grade Science TeacherAnna Kish
6th-8th Grade Science Teacher

"I became a teacher because I love working with children - they inspire me everyday! My favorite part of our school is our students!"

Walter Meagrow, 4th-5th Grade Science TeacherWalter Meagrow
4th-5th Grade Science

"I became a teacher to make a difference in students' lives."