From the Desk of Principal Shady...

Mrs. Shady, Principal Welcome to Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle! For the past 17 years, our school has been a proud community member to the City of Lorain and Lorain families. Our families choose our school because we provide a safe environment where their children are encouraged to set goals and work towards making their dreams happen.

We frequently look beyond middle school and help our students understand the importance of a quality education in terms of their future plans. The teachers are motivating and won’t let their students slip through the cracks. High expectations, consistency and a wealth of club activities allows the students to take ownership in their schooling experience while also teaching responsibility and leadership traits.

Our students take pride in their school and we value their input. We continue to improve academically and challenge our students to excel. Our staff collaborates very well with each other and lends itself to a positive environment where everyone is accountable for each student’s success. We are driven to ensuring that we provide the best environment and educational program for all of our students.

If you would like to learn more about Constellation Schools: Lorain Community Middle, please contact the school office at 440.242.2023 to schedule a school tour.

We look forward to meeting you!

Melisa Shady