Welcome Assistant Principal Courtney Cheers!

Welcome Assistant Principal Courtney Cheers!
Posted on 08/02/2021
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I am delighted to introduce Courtney Cheers, your new Assistant Principal, to our team at Lorain Community Elementary & Middle Schools. Courtney joins my team in the Administrative Office to support our staff and students. Please join me in extending a warm welcome to her!

Welcome Courtney Cheers, Assistant Principal!Courtney moved from Alabama to Ohio in the early 90’s. She grew up in Lorain with 2 younger sisters, attending Clearview Local Schools. Courtney participated in the arts as a vocalist, pianist, and visual artist. She attended college at LCCC and transferred to Malone University in Canton. After finishing, she moved back home, as she desired to be impactful in her community. Courtney began her education career, became a wife, mother, started her own business, and evolved as a leader.

From a young age, Courtney has always naturally gravitated toward teaching situations, beginning with forcing her younger sisters to be students at her school which was conveniently housed in their playroom. She loves to help others grow in knowledge and experience those lightbulb moments. Courtney is excited to join our Lorain Bulldogs to serve students in her hometown. She says "I look forward to joining the LCS community as a positive contributor to the culture and climate of the schools."

Courtney is an Alabama Crimson Tide fan and misses the Ruth's Chris Steak House in Cleveland, her favorite place to eat. When it comes to snacking, she favors buffalo chicken dip as a guilty pleasure. She has admiration for "any mommy who’s taking care of her home and handling her business at the same time!" You'll love Courtney for her genuine character and good sense of humor. If you want to see something special...ask her to play music on her cheeks!

When she has down time, Courtney likes "to spend quality time with family, eat good food, travel, and make and enjoy live music." And when asked what's the funniest thing she's seen a kid do, she says: "When my son was younger (around 10 months) I gave him a bit of squash with one of his meals. Unaware that I was looking on, I observed him placing the squash on the side of him, next to his thigh, inside of his high chair. He then noticed that I was looking and continued to look forward, avoiding eye contact with me and not responding to his name as if that would make me disappear."

Random facts:
✦ Courtney's current favorite movie is Coco
✦ Her favorite artist is D'Angelo - "He is a great vocalist, musician, and innovator!"
✦ You couldn't pay her enough to eat a spider
✦ And on the age-old debate of hot dogs being sandwiches or not she says: "A hot dog is indeed a sandwich. It is housed in a bun, and topped with condiments...sandwich! Now if you said frank, link, or weiner, those WOULD NOT be sandwiches."

Jordan L. McHugh, M.Ed.
Principal, Lorain Community Elementary & Middle